From Love to Love - 5th Anniversary Special Edition

by Ginger Doss

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NEW!!! Above, you listen to the full tracks - AND choose the format you would like to download to!!! Ginger's third solo release is a rockin musical tapestry of divine inspiration and emotional release taking her musical expression to new heights. From the sultry groove of the title track From Love to Love to the funked out rap of Ganesh Is Fresh this is Ginger at her most energetic and spiritually connected. In the journey From Love To Love there is laughter, dancing and tears. Listen to full length samples in the player at the top of the page,


released May 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Ginger Doss Austin, Texas

If you like to be uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal, transform, and make a positive difference in the world, if you like to dance and drum around a fire and allow the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I could make some serious magic together. I strive to do this with my music. Its how I can serve the people and planet I love ... more

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Track Name: Thankful
To begin take a step
Move ahead and do your best
There is power in intent
Use your dreams to reinvent
A child of light
Ending darkness shining bright
All the fires you can ignite
Will lead you through the night
There is nothing you can’t do
Take your mind and put it to
See it here
and be clear
In your heart be sincere

And be thankful
For the infinite power of the universe
That the power within is love
To be an integral part of creation

To exist is a gift
And isn’t life magnificent
We can shake and we can bake
We can give and we can make
Good love
And do so much
We've got hands and we can touch
Reaching out and building trust
And our friends they mean so much
We can walk and we can talk
We can teach and can be taught
To find our way
Or just to play
And be grateful every day

For the beautiful life I was given
For my friends and my family
For the time we spend together

Oh the power of love is real
when you use it you can heal
be abundant and give it out
so abundant and give it out

There is more than enough for everyone
Trust in the flow and you’ll get you some
be abundant and give it out
so abundant and give it out

Feel the love that’s all around
Coming up and going down
Find the way
to make love stay
And be grateful in all ways
Track Name: Urban Elements
Fire Fire Fire Fire
Poi and chain – master the flame
Fire Fire Fire Fire
Feel the burn love and learn
Teach us to express in a sacred way
alight the night so we never stray

Light up!
This is your time
The moment you will shine
From the spark within you
Set a blaze
a path to undertake
A fire bird of pray
Will rise from the ashes

Water water water water
Be submersed, Never thirst
Water water water water
Spirits Bloom from the ocean womb
Take us on a trip flowing far away
Float away float away

Dive in
Feel it on your skin
Balance yang and yin
ride the waves within you

Make a splash
Live and love and laugh
See the future and the past
Reflection and vision

earth earth the earth earth
nourshing. flourishing
earth earth the earth earth
I manifest with body blessed
Teach us how to walk in a sacred way
No haz mat in our habitat

Dig it!
A home for my spirit
In silence I can sit
To ground and center
We revolve
Through seasons and evolve
Lay down and dissolve
In the arms of mother

Air air air air
Bending light, giving flight
Air air air air
Make profound waves of sound
Blowing through my mind swirling in the sky
Jettins Stream
Tornado dreams

Please baby please
Carried by the breeze
We will rise higher
Thinking Clear
Free your mind of fear
We can make a difference here

Flow from the mountain
drink from the fountain
step and be certain
ascend into heaven
Track Name: From Love to Love
There is nothing to fear
When its love that you come from
there is nothing to fear
when its love that you're made of
From love to love
the journey in between is what we are
please take my love

We can open the door
when we take some chances
remember who we are
when we drop our defenses
From love to love
only love exists in different form
please give your love

Can you feel it
you're not awake yet
if you wanna be it
you gotta open up to it
forget what you know
surrender to the flow
right on to your destiny
drift in your dream
never fight the stream
glide on to your destiny

There is nothing to fear
we are infinite matter
take a moment to clear
your mind of the chatter
from love to love
Track Name: Shadow Puppets
Hard times
making mountains out of foot hills
dead from a look that kills
and I’m worried about my bills

Peace time
And I’m bored out of my mind
Looking for a like kind
To take me out of here

Hands into the light
Silhouettes against the sky
Shadow puppets
1 2 3 4 5
making rabbits
flying birds
breaking habits
using words

beyond all the muss and fuss
there’s a big sky in front of us
space for us to live it up
if we need to we can shake it up

B line
Heading straight for the sub lime
Trying hard to take my time
Cause I’m only here only now…

Hands into the light
Silhouettes against the sky
Shadow puppets
1 2 3 4 5
making rabbits
flying birds
breaking habits
choosing words

So Fine
I can trace you with a hot line
Gonna have to make you mine
And we’ll get out of here out of here

I'll carry you
Brother, Sister, Mother, Father
Track Name: Highway Hippies
This is a happy day
Because I am on my way
Might as well make it a holiday
And when I get there we’ll celebrate

Making like a hobo
Rocking it solo aint so bad
And there’s nothing holding me back

Don’t need no stinking map
I got a GPS that’ll find the way
There’s no turning back
I gotta watch the road if I wants a snack
Who put it in the way back

Highway hippies of the 21st century
Don’t try to understand it just revel in the mystery
Chasing our dreams in our dirty jeans
And relying on a system of elaborate freeways

Which exit should I take
That red tail will lead the way
I wanna find some tumbleweeds
I’m scattering my pot seeds
For the next guy
Who knows what’ll grow if you give it a try

And when I stop for fuel
I try to go to truck stops as a rule
I’m buying lots o nuts
There’s nothing else to eat if you’re vegan
At the gas station


I like the window down
Now my left arm is a golden brown
I really just an earth child
I wanna go a little wild
But I need my car
Or I can’t get very far

Track Name: MC Yogi - Ganesh is Fresh
Ganesh is so fresh chillin on his throne / surrounded by incense fruit and gold / with a heap of sweets piled in his bowl / he guards the gate and protects the threshold / when your blessed by Ganesh than you can travel / on a sacred journey to an inner temple / he paves the path that leads to the soul / & he’s known for removing all obstacles / now some may think it’s illogical / a myth or it’s just philosophical / but Ganesh makes everything possible / because elephant power’s unstoppable /

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Om

Ganesh is the god of wisdom loved by children / known for blessing homes that we live in / the lord of all creatures with divine features / inspiring the minds of yogi’s & truth seekers / he’s the son of Shiva and Parvati / he’s got an elephants head and a fat belly / with a snake for a belt to hold up his pants / he rides on a mouse and he loves to dance / with a lotus unfolding inside one of his of his hands / and an ax to attack all ignorance / a broom to remove any hindrance / and a noose to reduce all selfishness / he writes the pages that the sages chant / dropping ancient vedic science so we can comprehend / all the many ways that we can transcend / jai to Ganesh he’s a yogi’s best friend /
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Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Om

I pray to Ganesh to take away the stress / and pave the way into a place that’s blessed / centered in the chest where the breath is felt / when your blessed by Ganesh than the stress can melt / he destroys the knots that confine your thoughts / he dissolves the walls & he breaks the blocks / he unlocks the door to the sacred core / & he guards the gate at the pelvic floor / the benevolent elephant wise and intelligent / at the base of the spine he’s the earth element / he’s the ruler of the muladhara chakra / his brother rides a peacock and his names is Skanda / he’s the son of Uma and Mahadeva / I offer this puja to my homie Ganesha / to the son of Parvati and Mahesh / dedicated to Ganesh cuz he’s so Fresh /
Track Name: My Own
When you break it down
not only
is a part of you in this but a part of me
my mind has a broken spell
i keep casting on myself
it dont work so well
this is not your fault
and you do mean well
but dont look at me that way
and give me such hell
just wanna think if i want ink you wouldn’t blink

without you
I would not be me
you gave me my body
but my soul is
eternally my own

If I resist
I cannot fly
and i’m falling to the earth
and I don’t know why
i don’t need a parachute
i wont ever touch the ground
never touch the groung
if you look for me
i might be hard to see
i be blendingng with the
rocks the sky the sea
i wish you’d come with me
my mom my dad and me

Track Name: Ma Belle
A night wind is blowing
The old wounds are mending
I'm finally letting myself go
She stirs on my ocean
A hot storm is brewing
my passion
the kracken
releasing, consuming
the grey of the sky the night will hide
though starless skies cannot guide
I wait for low tide
your footsteps appear by my side

Ma Belle,
I'll find you I know that I will
where it will be I cannot tell
Ma Belle, Ma Belle, Ma Belle

And It goes on like this
A kiss, a swing and a miss
So soft, soft to resist
Oh the way your fingers twist
when I'm binding, binding your wrist


Subterranean temple
We lay fallen angels
and dream of the fables we'll become
and all through the night my dreamer weaves
with threads from all I have seen
a delicate seam
between this world and the one you'll find me
Ma Belle, Ma Belle, Me Belle

And It goes on like this
A kiss, a swing and a miss
So soft, soft to resist
Oh the way your fingers twist
when I'm binding binding your wrist

Track Name: Run Little One
Ima Gene was imagining
that she was a native American
She was the proud Chief “Thunder Cloud”
The first girl cool enough to be Chief

And tribe stands by admiring her ride
As she gallops across the plain
With a broken broom in a 10 x 10 play room
She leads them all from danger
The best girl chief

Run little one have fun little one
To the highest mountain go
And feel the wind upon your face
Your dreams are made of magic
That can change the world

Ima Gene was space walking
Silver the astronaut dog
Its true that playin chase
Is more fun in outer space
When you float its so much harder to get caught

And the folks at command
Just don’t understand
Why he barks at shooting stars
He wants to bury things
In Saturns Rings
And a ball the size of Pluto
To bring back home

You shoulda seen
Ima Gene
When she learned a brand new song
She would always glow
when she played the piano
It was clear that this was truly love for life
Her music can relay
What is hard for her to say
From deep inside her heart
Still the very best days
Are the ones where she can play
The music is the magic
For her soul to fly


Want to run away with you
There is so much that we can do
Making castles in the sky
Making dessert with a mud pie

Track Name: My Key
September tore open my chest
so I could see my injury
one wound for years I'd left alone
infected with delinquency

Locked myself in
gave you my key
Took myself out
so you were free
Then fought the storm upon my sea
My waves of pain
were your distain
and my,

Turn around, Turn around

Where am I?

Never again when I come to my keys
will I find myself upon my knees
Track Name: Warrior
There's a piece of me you never see
Standing on the shore
shouting at the sea
held fast by the water
nothing could stop me
but such a vast ocean
from kissing you right now
and make it work some how

There's a piece of me that's afraid
a very large piece of an impractical pie
and I don't like the taste of it
Its always served up at an inopportune time
like when I took that first step back
and you did not dissent

This is the time
When all of your doubts are taking a number
and standing in line
This is the time
when all of your fears are fighting
for the rights to your mind
And I won't let them take me
I won't let them brake me
cause I am a warrior

And all of me is alive
though it doesn't feel like it
part of the time
like when I don't want to be here
Its hard to admit that I could forget
that this life isn't worth
every single tear
and everything we must bear

This is the time
When all of your friends will come to be counted
by your side
and this is the time
when the army of one relies of the strength of tribe
And I won't let it take me
I won't let it break me
I am a warrior