To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of its release - this song had a new mix and a new master along with an enhanced vocal performance to capture the energy and power of 5 years of performing this song around the country. I wrote this one when I decided that I was ready for the tattoo I had been visualizing for so long. My parents did not want me to have one (and I mean in a "don't come home if you get one" sort of way) so this was a right of passage for me at a time when I was finally releasing the guilt had always carried as a child for being so different and coming into My Own in a peaceful and powerful way.


When you break it down
not only
is a part of you in this but a part of me
my mind has a broken spell
i keep casting on myself
it dont work so well
this is not your fault
and you do mean well
but dont look at me that way
and give me such hell
just wanna think if i want ink you wouldn’t blink

without you
I would not be me
you gave me my body
but my soul is
eternally my own

If I resist
I cannot fly
and i’m falling to the earth
and I don’t know why
i don’t need a parachute
i wont ever touch the ground
never touch the groung
if you look for me
i might be hard to see
i be blendingng with the
rocks the sky the sea
i wish you’d come with me
my mom my dad and me



from From Love to Love - 5th Anniversary Special Edition, track released May 18, 2012
Words and Music Ginger Doss
Lead Vocals Ginger Doss
All other instrumentation and background vocals Ginger Doss
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Ginger Doss Austin, Texas

If you like to be uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal, transform, and make a positive difference in the world, if you like to dance and drum around a fire and allow the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I could make some serious magic together. I strive to do this with my music. Its how I can serve the people and planet I love ... more

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