This Cocoon

by Ginger Doss

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Jaymie Dylan
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Jaymie Dylan The first moment I heard Ginger's powerful voice I fell in love. Her lyrics are deep and meaningful, while never being heavy handed. This album is amazing, I can't stop listening to it. Favorite track: Masks.
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"This Cocoon", Ginger Doss's 1st solo album, is a lush musical landscape of emotion and songwriting. It delivers a breath-taking level of power and innovation. In addition to being a beautiful record, Ginger wrote, arranged, engineered, and mixed this work entirely on her own. An amazing journey of sound and soul!


released March 27, 2009

This album was self produced and engineered by Ginger Doss. Mastered By Matt Schultz . She performed all keys and lead vocals. Additional background vocals by Bekah Kelso. Kit drum performed by Tabber Millard on This Cocoon and Tell Me



all rights reserved


Ginger Doss Austin, Texas

If you like to be uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal, transform, and make a positive difference in the world, if you like to dance and drum around a fire and allow the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I could make some serious magic together. I strive to do this with my music. Its how I can serve the people and planet I love ... more

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Track Name: Masks
Maggie was a tomboy
She re-defined a girl
and made her mama crazy
She tried to mold her to her world
Ah, the tough girl
Would learn how to dress and sit still
Ah, the one girl
Would learn to live two different lives
Of love, of fear

Michael liked good music
And had a way with a needle and thread
He wanted to meet a man who could dance
So he went to the world wide web
A lonely man looking for a friend
Becomes a target for them
And he meets his end instead
Ah, the news man
So callously read the report
Spent his last birthday
Surrounded by family and friends on life support

All life is sacred
Blessed and meant to be
Divinely created
Through us, divinity speaks
There's no thought process
To love unconditionally
So listen to you heart and not to the hate

They say that all men are made equal
A gift from our maker above
It’s hard to believe after all we’ve achieved
There are laws that forbid any love

Track Name: Tell Me
This is my life
Reaching out from the inside
Where I hide
Who am I
Without you to bend my mind
Lay yours on mine


So tell me
Why does it hurt so bad
Whenthose who are closest to me
Are pushing to pull me back
I just wanna love you
Why can’t it be alright

A new sunrise
And a different glow in me
A silver key
Opening me
To the luscious pain of love
And the change to come


So tell me
Why does it hurt so bad
When those who are closest to me
Are pushing to pull me back
I just wanna love you
Why can’t it be alright
Track Name: Let It Go
Let the wind blow
down the trees
let the clouds be
full of the storm
and then when I finally lay down
let me sleep

let the fantasy
take me there
then the cold hand
of reality win
and then let me choose
what will hurt

"I'll never be
my hearts victim again
I'll hear the warning and run
I'll never stand by and watch my walls crumble
I'll never let myself go..."

let the time pass
memories fade
let it all be part of the past
and then when I lock it away
I'll keep the key
Track Name: Made it Home
I'm driving in the dark waiting for the sun to rise
its the last day of summer feel like the only one still inside
slow down driving way too fast
I'll get there soon enough
I'm just ready to do this
wanna fly all the way to the sun

When you're finally home
will you find me gone
don't cry little one
little one
I'm not the same
as I once was

Made it home OK I guess
Now I'm here all alone
chasing my demons everyday
want to get away
want to fly away
want to make it OK
make it OK

What am I
but what I expect of myself
all alone in my head
I unravel my thread
and what I find
are all seeds of mine
I've left behind
grown out of control
now its time to re-sow

don't it make it all worthwhile
Track Name: Wounded Heart
Sometimes I
Can’t fit in to this skin
I’m way too high
Don’t want to be back in
So I wake up slowly
And take it only for a while
And later I’ll smile

Cause my wounded heart
Will run away
I tell myself
I’ll end this pain
So call me on
A better day
And maybe I won’t feel this way

Sometimes I
Can’t say what I’m feeling
Its spread out too wide
And I’m never through dealing
With expectations
As I first made them
And who am I hurting now
The answer as I look down

And my wounded heart…
Will run away
I tell myself
I’ll end this pain

Sometimes I
Wish things could be different
But I found out why
We never could make it
Cause love would not leave me
Like you did so easily
Now that you’re gone I can see
Now that you’re gone I am free

And my wounded heart
Will heal the pain
I’ll find myself
And begin again
So call me now
Or anyday
Cause baby I
Don’t feel the same
Track Name: This Cocoon
The Crazy Part
is my crazy heart
tried to fight it
But your full moon eyes
in a midnight sky
made a light of it
Here we are
come this far
in spite of it
We got the two like minds
so if I loose mine
you can find it


There is love at the center
of each moment with you
and the world moves in circles
all around this cocoon
there is music and laughter
and the search for our souls
and a beautiful purpose
in the way that we move

You give me butterflies
like the sunrise
and your looking good
in your levi's
can't handle it
And you got my hand if you crash land
into quick sand
I'll pull you out of it
and if you go you wanna know if you go alone
No no no, no no no
cause baby when you're far from me
I feel you laughing inside of me
its a funny thing

Track Name: More to Me
There's Far more to me than meets the eye
I'm distracted by what's slipping by unnoticed in my mind
There's Far more to me
Than I can hide
Emotion shapes with hidden hands
my countenance
I strive to give some semblance
that I'm in control
I tried to move along but it was oh
so very strong
the pull of my keys
something had gone wrong
if you did through my old songs
I was very sad indeed
but what would i say
with my last breath
say to you before I leave

And what would I say if I was the last one standing, to god

There's far more to me
than I've been making
All I need is to believe and manifest
just allow and not resist
but what would i say
with my last breath
say to you before I leave

And what would I say if I was the last one standing, to god
Track Name: Shadow
and the sky is still dark
I look up and my shadow
is staring back at me

How long must I wait
how long will it take
to heal

Winter wind is ripping
through my heart
and rearranging the way
I put things down

How bad will it hurt
and how hard will it be
to leave

Im off to bed no turning back
the wine will help me sleep tonight
the pain is melting into, melting into dream

I can look in you
like I look into
a mirror
and the more I do
the more I see myself clearer

and Vesuvius has buried us
in a moment in time
and when they dig us out
they’ll try to figure out
what was ever on our mind
in that time

ad the sky is blue light
i look up and my shadow
is no where i can see