This song celebrates the four elements revered by our ancient ancestors and puts them in a modern context. To celebrate its five year anniversary this song is newly mixed and mastered and has a new vocal performance to capture the energy and power of the years of performing this song to audiences around North America


Fire Fire Fire Fire
Poi and chain – master the flame
Fire Fire Fire Fire
Feel the burn love and learn
Teach us to express in a sacred way
alight the night so we never stray

Light up!
This is your time
The moment you will shine
From the spark within you
Set a blaze
a path to undertake
A fire bird of pray
Will rise from the ashes

Water water water water
Be submersed, Never thirst
Water water water water
Spirits Bloom from the ocean womb
Take us on a trip flowing far away
Float away float away

Dive in
Feel it on your skin
Balance yang and yin
ride the waves within you

Make a splash
Live and love and laugh
See the future and the past
Reflection and vision

earth earth the earth earth
nourshing. flourishing
earth earth the earth earth
I manifest with body blessed
Teach us how to walk in a sacred way
No haz mat in our habitat

Dig it!
A home for my spirit
In silence I can sit
To ground and center
We revolve
Through seasons and evolve
Lay down and dissolve
In the arms of mother

Air air air air
Bending light, giving flight
Air air air air
Make profound waves of sound
Blowing through my mind swirling in the sky
Jettins Stream
Tornado dreams

Please baby please
Carried by the breeze
We will rise higher
Thinking Clear
Free your mind of fear
We can make a difference here

Flow from the mountain
drink from the fountain
step and be certain
ascend into heaven


from From Love to Love - 5th Anniversary Special Edition, track released May 1, 2017
Words and Music Ginger Doss
Background Vocals Ginger Doss
Djembe - Chris Williams (Puck)
All additional instrumentation and drum loops created by Ginger Doss
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Ginger Doss Austin, Texas

If you like to be uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal, transform, and make a positive difference in the world, if you like to dance and drum around a fire and allow the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I could make some serious magic together. I strive to do this with my music. Its how I can serve the people and planet I love ... more

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